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Wow!! You probably are aware of my journey in regards to my legs and I am up to my 57th operation!  Wowsa!  Well…  I am so so SOOOOO happy to announce that it has been a success YAY ME!!!  I now have a straight leg AND a straight body, and my knee is now totally pain free, thanks to the two surgeons who actually chopped it off (yes, OFF), opened it up and straighted it.  Wow.  My xrays look out of this world.  Almost bionic.  Gotta tell you, I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror when I now wear skinny jeans with this new straight leg – first time in 30 years.


And I have learnt HEAPS.  The biggest lesson is this….

Joy and Love always conquers fear and anxiety.

Most of you know that because I couldn’t stand at the easel, I decided I would teach myself the art of sculpting (thanks to YOUTube and mail order huh?)

Here’s the celebration of my journey, don’t forget to check out my catalogue below, since there are NINE sculptures to reveal… Drum roll please…