Brilliance | Cockatoo Painting


A message for you from the Artist

Brilliance wants you to share your beautiful knowledge with others. She wants you to grow and fly. She will always support you to vocalise your truth and focus on positive and joyful relationships.

She will illuminate you!

Be ready for some startling positive changes! It may seem like everything turns on a dime, but believe you me, amazing success will follow.

Brilliance will always work on your behalf, but you did all the hard yards to achieve your victories. Be proud of yourself… Oh, AND… It is soooooo OK to be a tad cocky!!

Tracey Keller Original
Brilliance | Cockatoo Painting
Acrylic, Hessian and Resin on Canvas
120cm x 90cm

Of course, you will receive your own certificate of authenticity and yes, the regular VIP perks will forever be yours!

Can I immediately hang my precious Tracey Keller Original on the wall? Absolutely! Your TK Original comes in its own specially packaged box. Just take it out, remove the protective corners, and voila! Hang straight up onto a hook on your wall!

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