You are Power! | Wolf Painting

Tracey Keller Original
You are Power! | Wolf Painting
Acrylic Microflow and Resin on Canvas
120cm x 90cm
$4440 AND this includes a number of special things:

1. Your very own Original including a Certificate of Authenticity.
2. Free shipping AU WideInternational – don’t worry, it’s not huge! Between $95 to $250 depending on size and location.

Can I immediately hang my precious Tracey Keller Original on the wall? Absolutely! Your TK Original comes in its own specially packaged box. Just take it out, remove the protective corners, and voila! Hang straight up onto a hook on your wall!

This piece has found a home, however, if you are interested in purchasing a piece like this, please submit the below enquiry and we will get back to you soon.